Frequently Asked Questions

My accountant assures me that this has been claimed, why should I contact you?
Success in these claims is down to specialist advice above and beyond what you can expect from your accountant.  We have a growing number of accountants who refer business to us.  Successful Capital Allowance claims relating to property involve specialist surveying skills to collate complex property valuations and analysis of the related information. 

Accountants are not usually able to exploit the full value of capital allowances in this area.  If you haven’t used a specialist company with the relevant surveying and tax skills, who have compiled a specific detailed report on your behalf, you could be entitled to significant rebates and reductions from your tax bill.  We will not be duplicating any work already undertaken, we consistently find that claims submitted prior are often just the tip of the iceberg, and we are able to maximise your tax relief and add significant value over your existing advisers.

We will add to the value already offered by your existing accountant.

Do I have to pay any upfront costs?

Absolutely not.  We never charge upfront fees.  Our remuneration is on a results related basis. Please see the process for full details.

Does this affect the value of the property or my business?
Claiming capital allowances has absolutely no effect on the market value of your property.
Nor does it affect your financial accounts, since claiming capital allowances is an income/ corporation tax adjustment only.

Does claiming for capital allowances affect my capital gains tax should I sell the property?
No.  This is quite a common misconception.  Any claim for capital allowances does not alter the original purchase price paid, and the tax benefits you receive will not affect CGT at all.  (Section 41 (1) Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992)

Are there any exceptions to claiming?
Yes, the allowance only applies ‘once in the lifetime of a building’ so if your property has had a previous claim this can restrict or stop your entitlement to a claim, likewise if the vendor retained the right to claim by making an ‘election’ when the property was sold.  Although unlikely - we would check for this on every case.
You would also not be eligible to claim if your property is owned by a non-tax paying entity, for example a charity, SIPP or trust.

What should I do if I am purchasing a commercial property?
Contact us so that we can have a look at your purchase documentation and advise you accordingly.  This could be THE most important thing you do.  We do have to turn down claims where the seller retained the right to claim.  This can be worth hundreds of thousands to a medium sized business.
Likewise if you are considering selling your property after a claim, please contact us so that you ensure you keep the right to those allowances.

I bought my commercial property 10 years ago, have I missed my chance to claim?
No, you can still make a retrospective claim, as there is no time bar, provided you still own the property.  We consistently generate rebates and ongoing reductions for our clients on historic purchases, it’s our core business.   

We have had the property extensively refurbished and passed the invoice to our accountants, surely we’ve already claimed our entitlement?
Possibly not, unless your contractor detailed every last item of expenditure down to the last penny, it is unlikely you have claimed your full entitlement.  There are further incentives which may attract a higher relief, eg  ‘Land Remediation Tax Relief’.  We can soon ascertain if there is scope to maximise the benefits.  We also need to check if we can claim on the acquisition of the property which may generate larger tax savings.

We are a loss making company, is it worth us claiming?
Your benefits are likely to fall in the future when you start paying tax, as we cannot gain an immediate benefit now.  It may be better to contact us in the future when you are profitable.

How much work will myself or my accountant have to do?
Very little, we just need some basic information and to qualify your claim.

What if HMRC don’t accept the claim?
This is highly unlikely since our specialists have a 100% claim record and we would carry out necessary due diligence to ensure you qualify.  However for your peace of mind, should this happen we would not charge you a fee. 

How long does this process take?
Usually between 6-8 weeks on average.

What are your fees?
Fees are entirely dependent upon the job in hand and are usually a percentage of the allowances found.  What we find is that the larger the job can sometimes mean the lesser the percentage charged as the level of work is covered more easily with bigger claims.  All our quotes are no obligation and we will qualify a claim in every case prior to any chargeable work.

Where’s the catch?
There is no catch.  We are applying the law absolutely.  You receive a tax reduction that you are entitled to by law.  And we receive a fee for doing the job well.  Of course your savings will far outweigh the fee!

How do I start the ball rolling and get my free appraisal?
It couldn’t be easier, email us today for a call back and we can start assessing your claim straight away.  Or call us on 0800 949 9410.
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