About Capital Allowances

A valuable tax benefit written in law by the Capital Allowances Act 2001.

When you bought your property, a certain proportion of it was tax deductable and still is if you submit a retrospective claim. All tax deductable items relate to ‘Plant & Machinery’. 

Of course machinery is easily identifiable, but plant covers many, many elements of the building which are unseen installations within the property itself (see Your entitlement).  It takes a high level of specialist expertise and key valuation skills to uncover what is claimable, typical tax advisors & accountants don’t usually hold the highly specialist knowledge to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from this complex but lucrative allowance.

Our expertise is in unlocking the tax benefits that the allowances create and in turn reducing your tax liability and gaining rebates from previous tax you have paid.

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Your Existing Advisers

Yes, some accountants and surveyors do provide capital allowances advice. However, because of our specialist nature we have a different skill-set and more in depth and up-to-date understanding of capital allowances law and practice.  Accountants often refer business to us to maximise savings on behalf of their clients, this can result in hundreds of thousands in tax benefits.  See our case studies

"Claming for all allowable hidden plant within the fabric of a commercial property to reduce tax liability"

Capital allowances claims are ideally suited to being dealt with on a stand-alone basis, separately to other tax matters.  We assist alongside other advisers without any conflicts of interest or overlap issues occurring.

‘Hidden’ Qualifying Expenditure

Unseen items within the fabric of your building that qualify for tax relief are fixtures such as Cold & Hot Water Installations, Heating Installation and Ventilation, Electrical Installations, Lift Installations, Fire Fighting and Warning Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Sanitary Systems, Security Installations, and these are just the basics.  As you can imagine, this can add to a substantial figure, potentially up to 40% of the purchase price.  The amount of money spent on these items is uncovered and then reduced at your company or individual tax rate depending on the ownership structure of your property.

These items must be valued accurately and correctly, a specialist report compiled, and a professional claim submitted to enable money spent on these assets to be written-off for tax purposes.  It is highly likely that this hasn’t be done for your property, you are therefore in a position to reclaim and reduce your tax NOW. 

The tax savings break down to typically between 10% and 25% of the money spent, this will depend upon the property type and your individual or company tax rate. Claiming can often result in a cash rebate from HM Revenue & Customs from the last 2 years tax paid, or a reduction in future tax bills, or both.  We would not attempt to make a claim on your behalf if it was not financially beneficial to you.

"This service can boost your businesses financial position almost immediately and free up funds to invest and further increase profitability on an ongoing basis"

The most important element to all of this - There is no time bar on claiming.  So missed claims may be rectified many years after your property was built or bought.

Please get in touch so that we can assess what is owed to you. We would love the opportunity to tender for your project. Or give us a call on 0800 949 9410 for any further information.

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