Tax Reduction - The Process

Capital Allowances is a simple process for the client and requires little work from yourselves or your accountants, we work in a way which qualifies the claim upfront and at no cost to you. 

We are also happy to estimate the savings that our work will generate without charge and you are under no obligation to proceed.

Our specialists have been working solely in this specific taxation area for many years with a 100% success rate.

Do You Qualify?

Are you a UK tax payer?

Do You Own a Commercial Property in the UK purchased for £500,000 or more?

Is your property owned personally or in a Ltd Co?  (ie not held in a SIPP, Charity or Trust)

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What Happens Next?

Free of charge and initial no obligation review to qualify your claim.  There are no upfront fees whatsoever.

We need some basic information on your property/yourself/your company

Basic documentation pertaining to the purchase of the property*
Free estimate of likely savings arising from our work.
Engagement of client.  Fees are agreed by negotiation and usually as a percentage of allowances found.  ‘No Claim – No Cost’ and only paid upon successful report completion.

Property is surveyed in detail by an in-house tax qualified surveyor at no charge.  Every allowable item is collated in a comprehensive report and apportionment formula applied.

Report sent via your accountant for submission to HMRC.  It is highly unusual for us to have to amend any figures.  Our experts deal with the HMRC personally on a regular basis, and have a 100% claim record.  Fee becomes payable.

Rebates and ongoing reductions to your taxation will be according to your own circumstances, we will advise you in advance.

Of course you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us.  Any fees are agreed in writing before any chargeable work is carried out.  There are no upfront fees.  We will review your potential case at no cost and you are under no obligation to proceed.

"After initial qualification we have yet to assess a claim where there are
no significant tax savings generated by our work..."

We would like the opportunity to tender for your project, please email us your details and we will be happy to assess your claim at no cost whatsoever.

*This initial documentation is needed to ensure there have been no claims on your particular property prior, as this may restrict your entitlement.  Likewise the seller may have retained the rights to claim on sale.  It is very important we check this information, your solicitor who acted will have what we need.

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